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Articles & Dilemmas


Message from Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre

30 Mar 21
by Dr Simon Longstaff
The decision by the Board of The BFSO to reintegrate the organisation into its spiritual home, The Ethics Centre, provides a wonderful opportunity to build on over three decades of work that began with the launch of the Centre in 1989.

Now is the time to embrace and embed ethics

30 Mar 21
by Pauline Vamos on behalf of The BFSO Board
Having been on the Board of The BFSO since 2013 and now seeing The BFSO return to its spiritual home at The Ethics Centre, Pauline Vamos outlines what the industry needs to do next to ensure ethics is embedded at both the organisational and individual level.

The ethics of workplace giving… what would you do?

30 Mar 21
by Anonymous
Your workplace has hit the fundraising target it set out to achieve and there is a surplus of funds over and above the target. The head of the fundraising committee who is your branch manager would like to take the group out to celebrate, using some of the surplus funds... 

Young people are the true agents of change

30 Mar 21
by Felix Ryan, ANZ Graduate
After attending an introductory ethics session with his fellow graduates and Dr Simon Longstaff, ANZ graduate Felix Ryan reflects on why he thinks young people are the future leaders responsible for driving change in financial services. 

The ethics of power dynamics… what would you do?

24 Mar 21
by Anonymous
Who - if anyone - should be responsible for providing refreshments to those attending a meeting?

The ethics of sickies... what would you do?

09 Mar 21
by Anonymous
What is your view of sickies? Are they there to be used only when you're sick? Or is it ok to use them for a day off?

The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
  • I will compete with honour.
  • I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
  • I will help create a sustainable future.
  • I will help create a more just society.
  • I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions.
  • In these and all other matters;
    My word is my bond.