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The ethics of working with an abuser

Wednesday 4 January, 2023
by Anonymous

harrassed worker head in hands

You are a new employee and have quickly become aware that one of your colleagues from a diverse background has been quite upset and struggling with PTSD from a verbal harasser the bank still employs. The harasser is a typical confident male, sociable, and senior star performer of the bank.

Your colleaugue informs you that they have spent hours seeking external support from counsellors and psychologists to get by, but being a small team they still have to work closely with their harasser, and it significantly impacts their mental health.

What would you do?

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There are 3 comments for The ethics of working with an abuser.

Re: The ethics of working with an abuser

Thursday 12 January, 2023
by Kath
Ask them if there is anything I can do to support them .. eg attend HR and support them to raise the issue with Management

Re: The ethics of working with an abuser

Thursday 12 January, 2023
by Mark
I would support my colleague in by:
a) Finding out what steps, if any, they have already taken to address this internally with supervisor/manager/HR
b) Supporting/encouraging them to take any steps internally
c) Addressing the harasser directly if I witness the harassment first-hand

Re: The ethics of working with an abuser

Wednesday 25 January, 2023
by Sheridan
Ask the person how you can help them and Speak to HR as the harasser must be dealt with.

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