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The Ethics of values clashes

Thursday 19 May, 2022
by Anonymous

You work for a large industry super fund and with the election coming up there has been a lot of talk of politics, in particular housing policies that will affect your industry.  Most of your personal views are the opposite to the views of your industry and colleagues. You have personally been reconciled with this and it has never affected your work, in fact you have always enjoyed the company and working relationship with your peers. As the election draws nearer the conversations have intensified and you find yourself expressing your views.

It then becomes noticeable that attitudes towards you have changed and you are feeling judged, even at times excluded from social activities.

If this attitude continues after the election, should you escalate it or will that make things worse? 

Jenga blocks about to fall

What would you do?

Does bringing your whole self to work mean having to share personal views and values?

We encourage you to post your answers in the comments so we can create a healthy discussion, with the aim of learning from our peers, becoming aware of differing perspectives and challenging our own biases.

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There are 5 comments for The Ethics of values clashes.

Re: The Ethics of values clashes

Thursday 19 May, 2022
by Charley
Personally I couldn't work in an environment where my values were so misaligned and would find it difficult to connect with my peers. I'd be getting out of there because I think I would feel judged and uncomfortable.

Re: The Ethics of values clashes

Thursday 19 May, 2022
by Simon
My organisation has an obligation to create psychological safety and although this may only be affecting my social time with colleagues, I find it hard to believe it would impact my work life too. This should be escalated and would provide a great opportunity for us to learn how to have tough conversations about things like this.

Re: The Ethics of values clashes

Thursday 19 May, 2022
by Rio
I believe one should be true to oneself and have the freedom to express oneself however one feels appropriate. But one must also be mindful that we inherently live and work with other people, who should also be free to do those things. So, one must assess whether one 'should' share certain things, in light of not only their personal goals but also their community's collective goals and discern the risk associated with over-sharing. Any individual ought to align themselves with culture that is demonstrated with leadership of an organisation. If their values and 'ethics' do not align, it's time to question the longevity of the relationship, or speak up and attempt to create change - even if it causes pain.

Re: The Ethics of values clashes

Friday 20 May, 2022
by George
As Evelyn Hall wrote in "The Friends of Voltaire", "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

Re: The Ethics of values clashes

Friday 20 May, 2022
by Anon too
There’s a big difference between policy preferences, political allegiances, and values. If you can find common ground on values (e.g. intergenerational fairness) there is hope for a harmonious, inclusive future with that team, even if it takes time.
But if you can’t, either because your values differ too much, or because tribal (political) differences prevail, then it probably won’t change.
Note though, that this tribalism could be *them*, or *you*. Finding common ground on values requires honest engagement with the ideas of the other.

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