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The ethics of vaccinations and employers

Wednesday 11 August, 2021
by 2021 BFSO Young Ambassador

You've just moved to a new middle management role at a large financial institution.The organisation has recently released a new policy requiring all employees to receive a vaccination. The organisation has stated that this is in the interest of all employees and public health. There are exceptions in place for employees who can provide a doctor’s certificate outlining medical grounds for why they cannot receive the vaccine.  

Employees who do not comply with the new policy are required to continue to work from home and are not allowed to return to the office or participate in face-to-face or team events.  

A member of your team has stated they have moral objections to the vaccine and the organisational policy. As their manager, they have approached you and explained that they believe getting the vaccination should be a personal choice and they should have the right to continue working with their team. They also suggested the overall risk would be low if everyone else is vaccinated.

What Would You Do?

  • How would you respond to your team member’s request?
  • How do you balance the wishes of the team member against the new organisational policy? 

We challenge you to create a healthy discussion with your colleagues and post a comment below. You could even encourage them to consider taking The Banking and Financial Services Oath!

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There are 3 comments for The ethics of vaccinations and employers.

Re: The ethics of vaccinations and employers

Friday 13 August, 2021
by Ian S
The health and safety of the team is paramount. An individual who does not follow corporate policy is not disadvantaged by the team but by their own choice.If the individual chooses not to have the vaccination, they have been given an alternative which maintains the integrity and wellbeing of the team. I would not waver in that perspective.

Re: The ethics of vaccinations and employers

Friday 13 August, 2021
by John
In this situation the personal choice of being vaccinated has not been taken away. It is the choice of going into the office that has been made conditional. So if this about a moral objection to the vaccine - you are not being forced to have it. But if this is about personal choices more generally, yes your choices are being limited for the benefit of the greater good and if that is something you find unfair - you have 2 choices; work from home or find another role.

Re: The ethics of vaccinations and employers

Monday 16 August, 2021
by Penny
I support the notion that the employee needs to be able to implement policies that are in the best interest of all employees. However this scenario is creating a fundamental change to an employee's condition of employment. As a people leader we would need to understand the person's home working environment and if they have the environment to perform the job requirements to the same standard as they would by coming into the workplace. If not, then I think that they would need to be offered a third choice, being redundancy.

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