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The ethics of shortcuts

Thursday 9 November, 2023

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You’re running behind on your analysis for a client and take a shortcut by relying on an artificial intelligence language model to develop some key insights. The client loves your report and praises the quality of your suggestions.

Afterwards, however, you have a nagging feeling about relying on AI for suggestions, which theoretically the client could have done themselves. 

How should you address this nagging feeling?

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There are 2 comments for The ethics of shortcuts.

Re: The ethics of shortcuts

Thursday 9 November, 2023
by Charlotte
AI is here to stay so we should learn how to use it as well as we can. Transparency won't be a thing in 6 months, it will be assumed AI is used. Perhaps for now you set a rule to say you need to tell clients. As for this situation...?
It is probably the right thing to let them know AI was being used, but seriously they probably know that already.

No Issue Here

Thursday 9 November, 2023
by Heath
You should have no issue. If the client could have done the work, they should have. You were asked to do a job and you used a tool to do it. If the client was unable to use AI in the way you are, then that is the skill they're paying you for. No one feels guilty using excel, why should you feel guilty to use AI?

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