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The ethics of reskilling... what would you do?

Thursday 14 January, 2021
by Anonymous

You’re the head of a department in a large financial institution. With automation changes swiftly coming into effect over the next two years, you’re aware there will be a number of redundancies to come. The timing of the redundancies, along with who will face it is still unknown.

The organisation is introducing a reskilling program to help employees transition in to new areas within the organisation as automation starts to replace current roles. It is designed to support the development of employees applying for roles internally. Ahead of what’s to come, the organisation has asked all managers to nominate team members to attend the program.

You come to realise that selecting those to reskill is a rather daunting task.

What would you do?

  • Who should be chosen to have the opportunity to reskill and what factors should be considered? Those that are self-motivated? Those that have been employed the longest? Those that have the time?
  • Would you speak to individuals on a one-on-one basis? How might you manage these conversations?
  • For those that attend the program, how will they still do their day job?

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There are 1 comments for The ethics of reskilling... what would you do?.

Re: The ethics of reskilling... what would you do?

Friday 15 January, 2021
by Colin
If redundancies are certain, some thought could be given to which employees might least readily be able to find alternate employment, and place some emphasis on them for re-skilling.

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