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The Ethics of accountability for bad decisions

Thursday 5 May, 2022
by Anonymous

A member of the executive team has confided in you, the HR manager, about ongoing bullying from the CEO, to whom they report directly. This bullying behaviour has been identified by others in the past and the CEO has been given support from the HR team to build their awareness and skills in this area. Personally, you agree that the CEO’s behaviour is unacceptable, and have not identified much change in behaviour.

 The employee that has come to you is a star performer in the team but is increasingly demoralised and impacted by the behaviour. However, due to personal reasons they aren't able to change jobs and don't want to jeopardise their executive position and reputation and ask that you keep the information confidential, which you agree to. Trusting you, the employee starts confiding in you more often; they treat you like a friend. One day, at an out-of-hours social event, over a few drinks, the employee mentions that they've had enough of the CEO's bullying and tell you they're planning to go to the media as an anonymous source and expose the CEO.

Jenga blocks about to fall

What would you do?

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Re: The Ethics of accountability for bad decisions

Monday 30 May, 2022
by Linda
You remind them of their contractual obligation not to disparage the CEO, and to not to breach confidentiality.
You separately ensure the CEO is made aware that their behaviour is so concerning to some individuals, that you have heard one may have considered contacting the media.

You provide no details.

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