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The Ethics of Favouritism

Friday 8 April, 2022
by Anonymous

You are working in a small wealth management organisation which suffered through Covid because of work dropping off and redundancies were made. As a result, you were forced to pick up several duties which required quick learning on your behalf.

The MD had strongly suggested your upskilling would make you a terrific candidate for a more advanced role in the future. The organisation also paid for some micro courses you needed to prepare yourself for the responsibilites you were taking on. You feel you've flourished in the role and started to develop good working relationships with the clients you've looked after. The recovery this past 6 months has been very strong and the organisation is now hiring again. You hear in passing that the MD’s daughter is coming to work at the firm, and feel pretty confident she will be offered the role that had been suggested would be yours.
Ethics of favouritism

What would you do?

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There are 2 comments for The Ethics of Favouritism.

Re: The Ethics of Favouritism

Friday 8 April, 2022
by Gavin
This kind of thing happens more often than I expected. If it's not a relative, it's someone they've worked with in the past. Accepting being looked over is hard but often saying something pushed you even further away from advancing.

I'd definitely check first that everything you suspected was actually happening. You 'heard in passing' and your 'pretty confident' this person has the job? How do you know there aren't 2 jobs coming available?

Than I'd put my case forward and ask outright whether there were any jobs coming available that I might be able to step up into. They paid for education so they will want to get return on that investment.

Re: The Ethics of Favouritism

Saturday 9 April, 2022
by Joleign
This isn’t favouritism, it’s nepotism and it’s wrong - a conflict of interest for the MD. I wonder what the MD’s idea of a supportive and inclusive culture is. I would respectfully address the issue and if you felt the MD’s daughter was being helicoptered in - I’d leave!

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