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The ethics of making it work

20 Jun 24
You are a financial advisor under pressure from management to increase sales of a new investment product that offers higher commissions, but you are not sure the product is right for your clients.
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The ethics of short-term value

28 May 24
You are providing advice to an overseas client in the financial services space who would like to launch a new product in the Australian market. But how the financial services law applies to the company is vague.
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The ethics of questioning instructions

11 Apr 24
I have recently joined the lending division of a major bank and have been asked to process a loan approval that doesn't seem quite right.
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The ethics of privacy

19 Mar 24
Jenny unintentionally overhears a private conversation that could have ramifications for her organisation and the project she has just been assigned.
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BFSO Young Ambassadors: Investing in our future leaders

06 Mar 24
Aimed at supporting young professionals, the Banking and Financial Services Oath (BFSO) Young Ambassador Program encourages people early in their careers to adopt a strong ethical foundation in the banking and financial services industry.
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The ethics of recruitment

27 Feb 24
You are on a hiring panel and recognise the top candidate from a previous job where you remember hearing rumours that the candidate had been accused of serious misconduct.
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The ethics of gifting

08 Feb 24
A colleague is leaving this week after completing their short term contract. I don't really know them, but feel there is an expectation for me to contribute to a gift.
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The ethics of authenticity

17 Jan 24
My workplace encourages us to bring our whole selves to work and even has authenticity as one of its values, but this doesn't feel like it rings true.
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The ethics of misrepresentation

18 Dec 23
A workplace that claims to support flexibility has recently included manager KPI's and promotions around people returning to the office.
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The ethics of procedures

23 Nov 23
Someone in my team, who I manage, has made inappropriate advances towards me. Following company procedure I report it to my team leader first.
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The ethics of shortcuts

09 Nov 23
You’re running behind on your analysis for a client and take a shortcut by relying on an artificial intelligence language model to develop some key insights.
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The ethics of responsibility

19 Oct 23
You are in a team working on a long running and high-profile job that has not been going well. The team has been asked to report on next steps to the board, and the project lead wants to bring in consultants to evaluate, but this project is effectively already redundant.
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The ethics of getting started

21 Sep 23
Your work in FinTech and have received seed funding commitments for a new business venture. But there is an issue with the major funder.
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The ethics of friends

30 Aug 23
You work for a large financial services organisation with a modern building and impressive end-of-trip facilities that you have been sharing access to with a friend, but the building rules have been sent around again and sharing is not permissable.
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The ethics of holding back

10 Aug 23
A colleague and friend has been receiving medical help and has taken up the legal option of workers compensation. Management have advised that contact with the person should be avoided.
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The ethics of an opposing view

26 Jul 23
by Anonymous
Your organisation has recently made a public statement about their commitment to the Voice to Parliament and all employees nationally are now required to have their email signatures include a link to the public statement and RAP. But what if not everyone wants to?
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The ethics of labels

06 Jul 23
by Anonymous
You are new to an organisation, and when introduced to people have already been asked a few times what's your background, where are you from?
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The ethics of secret requests

29 Jun 23
by Anonymous
You are new to a company and your boss, who so far you have had a good relationship with, has asked you to retrieve some information from a colleague's computer without them knowing.
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The ethics of intervening

20 Apr 23
by Anonymous
You are involved in the modelling of a new remuneration scheme and have identified that there is potential for the scheme to be gamed to optimise bonus payments that may be contrary to the overall objectives of the company.
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The ethics of confidential information

08 Mar 23
by Anonymous
You are a loan officer in a bank and a client who is currently trying to get funding has passed on some confidential information on the land they are looking at buying.
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The ethics of priorities

23 Feb 23
by Anonymous
You are working on a joint project with another team from your organisation. You have worked with this team successfully before but this project feels different and now the client has approached you with some concerns.
woman walking away

The ethics of walking away

09 Feb 23
by Anonymous
You have seen and been subject to unethical behaviours in an organisation that you decide you can no longer be complicit to, so you leave.
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The ethics of knowing too much

04 Jan 23
by Anonymous
A colleague is making a big life decision and you know something about their employment that they don't know yet.
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The ethics of working with an abuser

04 Jan 23
by Anonymous
You are a new employee and have quickly become aware that one of your colleagues from a diverse background is struggling with a verbal harasser the bank still employs.
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The ethics of loyalty to your workplace

15 Dec 22
by Anonymous
Your office holiday shutdown period has been extended and is using up a large portion of the leave your were hoping to take next year.

The ethics of confidentiality

02 Dec 22
by Anonymous
It’s the festive season and you’re attending quite a few social events where conversations have been flowing freely between colleagues and peers following two years of cancellations.

The ethics of managing up

18 Nov 22
by Anonymous
You have been asked to manage out a new employee who is not performing well, but has also not had much supervision or guidance due to starting during lockdown and their direct report moving on not long after they started.

The ethics of avoiding responsibility

03 Nov 22
by Anonymous
You have uncovered a potential data capturing issue that won't affect your member's account, but could affect the fee calculation. Knowing that you will be the one who will have to investigate further if you bring it up, you are reluctant given how busy you already are.

The ethics of questioning a colleague's decision

19 Oct 22
by Anonymous
You have uncovered a discrepency with a client's account that your manager had previously accepted as OK, but you're not so sure.

The ethics of decision making under pressure

29 Sep 22
by Anonymous
Although efficiency is a value in so many organisations and an important part of delivery to key stakeholders, often we don’t see potential risks or mistakes until something goes wrong.
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The Oath

  • Trust is the foundation of my profession.
  • I will serve all interests in good faith.
  • I will compete with honour.
  • I will pursue my ends with ethical restraint.
  • I will help create a sustainable future.
  • I will help create a more just society.
  • I will speak out against wrongdoing and support others who do the same.
  • I will accept responsibility for my actions.
  • In these and all other matters;
    My word is my bond.