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The ethics of big data

27 Jul 21
by Anonymous
You’re a graduate and have been rotated to the data analytics team at a retail bank. The team you’ll be working with have done some work putting historical datasets into an AI tool to identify a customer cohort that would be a fruitful customer base to market a new home loan rate to.

The ethics of adhering to company policy

22 Jul 21
by Anonymous
Two employees in your team, Alex and Jesse are in a relationship. They have disclosed their personal relationships in accordance with company policy which permits relationships between employees of equal standing but has a zero tolerance rule against relationships between superiors and their direct reports.

The ethics of productivity... what would you do?

14 Jul 21
by Anonymous
You work in the Change and Communications team for a large financial institution that is moving to a hybrid working model. Your manager has informed your team of a confidential organisational project underway...

The ethics of reputation

30 Jun 21
by Anonymous
You’re a loan officer working in a large financial institution and a loan application has landed on your desk from a new customer. You recognise the name of this high-profile individual who is ‘allegedly’ part of a drug cartel...

The ethics of conflicts

24 Jun 21
by Anonymous
You’re leading an important project to secure a tender worth a significant amount of money to your financial institution.

The ethics of confidentiality in a new role

16 Jun 21
by Anonymous
You are the newest (and youngest) employee to join a boutique wealth management company. The person you are replacing (Antonio) was poached by a competitor and didn’t leave a lot of time to handover.
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The ethics of commercial lending... what would you do?

09 Jun 21
by Anonymous
You’re a middle manager, working in commercial lending at a bank. The organisation is very purpose and values driven and focussed on sustainability and ethical practices.

The ethics of procurement.. what would you do?

26 May 21
by Anonymous
You are the Head of Procurement at a health insurance company and Ingrid – a high performing employee who has been in her role for two months and reports to you - has come to you to make you aware of some action she took recently to secure a contract.

The ethics of supplier relationships... what would you do?

19 May 21
by Anonymous
Should drinking alcohol be a requirement if you work for an alcohol retailer and manage supplier relationships?

The ethics of changing culture... what would you do?

12 May 21
by Anonymous
To keep or change the organisational culture?

The ethics of bringing your whole self to work... what would you do?

05 May 21
by Anonymous
Should an organisation that supports employees bringing their whole selves to work take in to account an individual's view, if it means they won't endorse an organisational priority?

The ethics of recruitment... what would you do?

28 Apr 21
by HR Manager (Anonymous)
When it comes to job interviews, it's not just the recruiter's opportunity to grill the candidate, but the candidate's opportunity to grill the recruiter. This allows the candidate to gain as much information as possible to make an informed decision that is right for them personally and professionally. But how transparent are recruiters expected - or able - to be when it comes to tough questions from the candidate? 

The ethics of language... what would you do?

22 Apr 21
by Jodi O'Callaghan
Raising consciousness about the use of language is about finding ways to engage everyone and being respectful. So what would you do when language used by colleagues in the workplace makes you feel uncomfortable?

The ethics of performance management

14 Apr 21
by Anonymous
Many of us experience personal tragedy at some time in our lives. To what extent it impacts us is different for everyone. But what happens when it starts impacting your performance at work? 

Message from Dr Simon Longstaff, Executive Director of The Ethics Centre

30 Mar 21
by Dr Simon Longstaff
The decision by the Board of The BFSO to reintegrate the organisation into its spiritual home, The Ethics Centre, provides a wonderful opportunity to build on over three decades of work that began with the launch of the Centre in 1989.

Now is the time to embrace and embed ethics

30 Mar 21
by Pauline Vamos on behalf of The BFSO Board
Having been on the Board of The BFSO since 2013 and now seeing The BFSO return to its spiritual home at The Ethics Centre, Pauline Vamos outlines what the industry needs to do next to ensure ethics is embedded at both the organisational and individual level.

The ethics of workplace giving… what would you do?

30 Mar 21
by Anonymous
Your workplace has hit the fundraising target it set out to achieve and there is a surplus of funds over and above the target. The head of the fundraising committee who is your branch manager would like to take the group out to celebrate, using some of the surplus funds... 

Young people are the true agents of change

30 Mar 21
by Felix Ryan, ANZ Graduate
After attending an introductory ethics session with his fellow graduates and Dr Simon Longstaff, ANZ graduate Felix Ryan reflects on why he thinks young people are the future leaders responsible for driving change in financial services. 

The ethics of power dynamics… what would you do?

24 Mar 21
by Anonymous
Who - if anyone - should be responsible for providing refreshments to those attending a meeting?

The ethics of sickies... what would you do?

09 Mar 21
by Anonymous
What is your view of sickies? Are they there to be used only when you're sick? Or is it ok to use them for a day off?

The ethics of confidentiality… what would you do?

25 Feb 21
by Anonymous
At a social event with people you know well, your friend Elena tells the story of a former colleague of hers - Tom - who was accused of sexual harassment about 10 years ago. Elena explains the matter was played down at the time, kept confidential by the organisation and there was no formal complaint or record.

The ethics of accountability… what would you do?

17 Feb 21
by Anonymous
You're the Head of Learning & Organisational Development in a medium sized general insurance company. The organisation recently rolled out 'Unconscious Bias' training to all middle managers. You've invested a significant amount of money in this training with a consultancy and now been asked by your CEO to report on it's impact, so it can be presented to the board.  You had discussed with the consultant at the time of engagement that there would be measures in place to report o...

The ethics of speaking up as a graduate… what would you do?

17 Feb 21
by The Banking and Financial Services Oath
As a graduate that joined a retail banking institution six months ago, you’re currently on rotation in the Learning and Development (L&D) team.

The ethics of speaking up… what would you do?

10 Feb 21
by Anonymous
You work in the finance department of a medium sized financial institution. It is end of month and employees across the organisation have submitted their monthly expense claims to you.

The ethics of disclosure and friendship... what would you do?

03 Feb 21
by Anonymous
You work in financial advice and have developed a friendship with one of your clients who is now applying for an insurance product. They allow you to start following them on their private Insta account. You come to realise they are fairly open about their lifestyle and regular recreational drug use on this particular social media platform, albeit a private profile. There is no judgement on your part – you have indulged in recreational drugs in the past yourself.

The ethics of living your career values … what would you do?

28 Jan 21
by Anonymous
You have recently joined a new organisation as the Head of Brand. It is a relatively new organisation. The leadership team have prioritised brand and feel it will play a key role in helping them stand out in a very competitive industry.

The ethics of measuring culture... what would you do?

20 Jan 21
by Anonymous
You are the Head of People and Culture in a medium sized organisation with around 1,200 employees. The organisation is beginning to get people back into the office. There is a general sense from your CEO and executive leadership team that productivity is dropping and with employees working remotely they are concerned about a drop in engagement. Following a recent employee engagement survey, the engagement score is the highest it’s ever been, despite people not being based in the office. Th...

The ethics of reskilling... what would you do?

14 Jan 21
by Anonymous
You’re the head of a department in a large financial institution. With automation changes swiftly coming into effect over the next two years, you’re aware there will be a number of redundancies to come. The timing of the redundancies, along with who will face it is still unknown.

Our 2020 highlights

16 Dec 20
by Jodi O'Callaghan, Executive Officer
2020 has been a year of challenges, but also opportunity. Looking back, there have been some highilghts. 

The ethics of internships.. what would you do?

26 Nov 20
by Jodi O'Callaghan
A recent graduate from a reputable university has been offered the opportunity to work with their dream organisation, reporting to you as the manager of the strategy division. Your organisation has a good reputation for giving graduates internships. But there's a catch.
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