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The ethics of career progression…. What would you do?

Wednesday 26 August, 2020
by Anonymous

Until recently you’ve experienced high job satisfaction in your current workplace but you were recently overlooked for a promotion. You’ve taken some time to reflect on the feedback and refer back to your development plan and career goals. It will take another 12 months of strengthening specific areas of your skills and experience to be successful the next time you apply for a similar role. This has prompted you to think about your financial services career to date and consider other options.

After reaching out to a few specialist recruiters, you’re surprised to find a role that would be a great stepping stone for your career. It seems the perfect fit so you send out your resume and an interview is scheduled for the following week.

While researching the company in preparation for the interview, you come across an allegation of serious misconduct that is being investigated. The details of the allegations are unsubstantiated but now you feel cautious about working for an organisation that could have less than a desirable culture.

 You reach out to your career coach for advice. They recommend going ahead with the interview as this role is aligned to your career goals and the misconduct is only an allegation at this stage. They also remind you that a promotion in your current workplace is not guaranteed.  

What would you do? 

  •  What ethical considerations would you give to your decision-making?

We encourage you to post your answers in the comments so we can create a healthy discussion, with the aim of learning from our peers, becoming aware of differing perspectives and challenging our own biases.

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There are 2 comments for The ethics of career progression…. What would you do? .

Re: The ethics of career progression…. What would you do?

Thursday 27 August, 2020
by Ian Shaw
Follow your gut feel and cancel the interview. It has been widely reported that you work in a business for the feel of the business and the camaraderie of your colleagues. If you have doubts then you are not 100% committed. Monetary benefits will not make up for the holes in your commitment. Long term, if the allegations are proven, you may have tainted your career path.

Re: The ethics of career progression…. What would you do?

Thursday 27 August, 2020
by Brendan
I would be cautious about proceeding pending the investigation but would probably make my own enquiries at the interview were I to proceed.
Would do a bit more homework on the company. Had there been previous issues / allegations etc?

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